Lemon Kitchen Decor Inspiration

Lemons are a bright and punchy citrus fruit and decorating with lemons gives the same bright and cheerful feeling in a space that lemons bring to dishes

Lemon Themed Bar Cart

If you are looking for something fresh to add to your kitchen, why not try a bar cart? This bar cart features crisp and bright lemon kitchen decor of lemon garland as well as a basket full of lemons.

Lemon Printed Kitchen Drapery

If you are fortunate enough to have natural light in your kitchen then you might like to add some beautiful lemon printed drapery to your windows.

A Bowl of Lemons

A bowl of faux lemons is almost a requirement for lemon kitchen decor as real lemons just don’t last long and you don’t want to have to be purchasing fresh lemons weekly just to have a bowl full.